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Human Resource Management Software

The continuous evolution human resource management systems (HRMS) can make achieving success feel like a moving target. As companies mature, much more HR data is needed, more business process integration is called for, and HR software changes become inevitable. Veteran HRMS practitioners have discovered proven processes that are effective and successful; while learning lessons, reducing risk, and sharing best practices along the way.

We'll also be sharing independent HR software review, such as this Workday software review.

Payroll Systems

Few business software systems receive as much attention as Payroll applications and for very good reason. Payroll processing can be complex—with business rules, integration to HR systems and back-office accounting, approval processing and workflow automation, and internal compliance and regulatory reporting. Payroll solutions can be deployed as a stand-alone systems, outsourced, or consolidated into an integrated workforce management software suite. Automating the pay process is a logical first step, but tying company requirements and vendor capabilities isn't so straightforward.

Workforce Management Software

Workforce management systems deliver visibility, predictability, productivity enhancements and financial savings to labor spend. These HR software solutions generally include time and attendance, scheduling, leave management, and integration with other related HR software systems. Generally seen as centralized software management tools for demand-oriented and product-centric industries, workforce management software helps employers monitor workplace costs and patterns that are not otherwise easily seen without enterprise-wide data aggregation.

Performance Management Systems

As a part of core HR applications that include labor management, employee performance management, and compensation management, the HR software systems that manage employee performance appraisals and assessments are some of the most desired organizational tools by managers. From competency assessment, to stated goal creation, to multi-rater appraisals and career development plans, performance management systems are one of the most effective and least understood HR technology solutions in the Human Capital Management (HCM) software market.

Open Source HR Systems

Open Source Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are quickly rising in adoption because of the inherent alternatives the HR software brings to the organization. As an alterative to commercial software giants like Oracle and SAP, open source business software systems allow companies to tailor their HR technology to meet specific industry, regulatory, compliance or organizational requirements. Whether for benefits of flexibility or cost savings, open source HR software can give new choices that fall outside of traditional business software vendors.